squeezes ur butts

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omg im freaking out i love jeremy sfm

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What’s up, guys?


Alexa. Nice to meet you.

Who’s your godly parent?

You as well, Alexa. 

Ares. What about yours? 

What’s up, guys?


Hi. Have we met?

I… don’t remember. -laughs-

If we haven’t, I’m Jeremy. 



hey guys

follow me :))))))))))))))))))))))))

What’s up, guys?

I’m hungry. 


I’d consider Captain America, quite a charmer.

You had fun being gay? /Judging you/

Well I’m good, yourself Remy?

C’mon D, I’m sure you’d have fun if you were gay for a few days too. 

Good. Lazy, as usual. Anything exciting going on in your life?


I just can’t imagine you being gay, well am just glad I missed that out.

I was Captain America once, too. 

Hey, it was fun. How are you, Dorolla?